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【公式】沖縄芸能公演公式ホームページ | OKINAWA LiveShow

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Discover Exquisite Performing Arts

Embellishing the Southern Islands

In Okinawa, we have songs. Along with these songs, dances and musical performances have developed. Once you set foot on this charming southern island resort of 160 islands both large and small, you will see the contours of this kingdom of performing arts.

Since the days of court rule long ago, Okinawan people have composed poems while gazing out at the cobalt blue sea, sung songs while strolling along the beaches, danced under the shining sun, and played the sanshin (stringed instrument).

Ryukyuan dance, Okinawan plays, eisa drum dance, kumiodori, and Okinawan folk songs:

Relax and take a leisurely look at the many performing arts living and breathing every day on these southern islands.

【公式】沖縄芸能公演公式ホームページ | OKINAWA LiveShow
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